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Esprinet (based in Vimercate Italy; Borsa Italiana: PRT), is the holding of a Group engaged in the "B2B" distribution of technology products at the top of the market in Italy and Spain. The 2018 turnover of € 3.6 billion places Esprinet among the top 50 Italian industrial groups and the top 10 distributors worldwide. Thanks to a business model based on the coexistence of different sales channels tailored to the specific characteristics of 39.000 reseller clients, Esprinet markets about 1000 brands and over 63,000 products available in 130,000 square meters of managed warehouses. Through the V-Valley division, Esprinet is able to distribute value-added products, services and IT solutions. The Group's activities also cover Portugal, and the production and sales of the named brands "Celly" (smartphones accessories) and "Nilox" (IT accessories and outdoor technology).

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During the first six months of the current year the Group reorganized the "Sport Technology" product line. Sales were down during this period because of the lack of new products which are due to be eventually available during the current month.
The sale of the products of the older "line-up" is basically over and significant improvements in the sales outlook have begun to be measured also in light of the excellent feedback received during the IFA trade show in Berlin.
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