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The Esprinet Group (PRT:IM – ISIN IT0003850929), is the South Europe leader in the distribution of Information Technology and Consumer Electronics targeting IT resellers, VAR, System Integrator, specialized shops, retailers and e-commerce portals. With a 2019 turnover of roughly € 4 billion, Esprinet is among the top 50 Italian industrial groups and the top 10 distributors worldwide. With roughly 1,300 employees and a business model based on the coexistence of different sales channels tailored to the specific characteristics of 30,000 reseller clients, Esprinet markets about 130,000 different products of more than 650 worldwide vendors through 140,000 square meters of managed warehouses In Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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Subsequent to the closing of the quarter, we have witnessed a continuation of the Covid-19 emergency and the adoption by the European Governments of increasingly restrictive measures applied to the movements of people, as well as the blocking of trading and production activities.
In order to cope with this emergency, a "task force" was set up which, in light of the provisions issued from time to time by the competent authorities and taking into account the fact that the Group belongs to a technological sector deemed as "essential", it has consistently promoted and checked on all the preventive measures aimed at ensuring the continuity and the efficiency of the Group's activities, while preserving the health and safety of all employees and contractors. The Group has launched Business Continuity plans through the extension of smart-working to 100% of the corporate population not operating in warehouses. The measures for protecting the health of the employees, in compliance with the Companies-Trade Unions protocols and in reference with employees operating in the centralised logistics and in cash&carry under the trademark "Esprivillage", were promptly and appropriately implemented.
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